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Harley-Davidson Licensed Nostalgic Soda Machine

Nostalgic Cold Drink Vending Machine TRADITION W64 – a representative solitaire

TRADITION W64 for cold drinks in cans and bottles - a replica of the famous V44 vendor.

Cabinet: Steel cabinet with two-colour high gloss powder coat finish

Doors out of steel and strong polysterol material, two-colour high gloss paint

Design and control elements made of chromium-plated zinc cast moulding

Modular construction for easy maintenance

2 wheels and strap for transport

Cooling unit: Sealed system with R134a refrigerant (free of CFCs)

Adjustable from 35.6°F to 59°F

Control elements: 5-digit LED display

Selection lever with easy
LH/RH movement

Bottle opener with crown cork receptacle

Delivery control to avoid collision of cans and bottles in the delivery compartment.


Features & Technical Specifications:
Electronic: Microprocessor control unit
Vend and cash counter
Password lock for different settings
MDB or Executive interface
Payment system: Coin acceptor with or without change
Machine can also be operated without coin system in free vend mode
Power supply: 120VAC, 60cps Power consumption 250watts
Other voltages upon request
Extra-low voltage supply for internal functions
Weight approx. 258lbs

Product Pricing

Harley-Davidson Licensed Nostalgic Soda Machine


Prices include shipping and handling. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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