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Wurlitzer 1015 One More Time

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The ONE MORE TIME - the exceptional way to listen to music.

Today's life-style has rediscovered the nostalgic charm of the forties and fifties.
The beloved design of those days with chrome and glitter is a welcome change to the priority of functional and abstract features which dominate nowadays. The
One More Time combines both.

The faithful design of the legendary 1015 of 1946 is the ideal casing for the sophisticated Deutsche Wurlitzer GmbH CD changer. Now the music of Glenn Miller sounds in pure CD quality. But not just Glenn Miller, the One More Time CD plays more than 1200 hits and evergreens in superb laser sound quality.

Available In Other
Finishes (Black Onyx
Shown Above)

1015 One More
Time Vinyl Jukebox
Also Available

Features & Technical Specifications:
CD changer available for 50 or 100 CDs (standard)
Vertical arrangement of the CDs in the magazine
High quality Philips laser disc player for horizontal playing
Stereo amplifier with automatic level control and electronic overload protection, power 2 x 55watts RMS
6 speakers in a 3-way stereo system offer superb laser sound
Alphanumeric display in 2 lines showing all functions and programming
Microprocessor controlling all functions including credit and bonus steps as well as record plays and automatic
memory of the top tunes
Play stimulator playing a record in intervals between 1 and 98 minutes automatically
Background music (BGM) by programming the control unit to continuous play with random selection of all songs
Facility to cancel single tracks
Memory of statistic data (e.g. cash box contents etc.)
Album play programmable
Programming of two BGM intervals for each weekday
Connections for microphone, additional amplifier, external speakers and output transformer
Presentation of all title songs and cover photos from 100 CDs in a leather-bounded book
Presentation of all tracks from 60 CDs for direct selection and display of further 40 CDs for album play on title cards inside the jukebox.
Infrared remote control with selection buttons
Dimensions: Height 59.8inch / Width 32.1inch / Depth 25.2inch / Weight 346lbs
Power supply: 120VAC, 60cps

Product Pricing

1015 One More Time CD Jukebox (Standard)


1015 One More Time CD Jukebox (Black Onyx)


1015 One More Time Vinyl Jukebox


Prices include shipping and handling. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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